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SODIMM RAM is the miniature form of dual in-line memory module (DIMM) that is used in laptops. As in comparison to the regular DIMM that has 168 pins and supports the transfer of 64 bits of data, the SODIMM RAM Memory Modules allows for only 32bit of transfer and it has 72 pins in it. It can also support 64 bit transfer with 144 pins as well. This type of computer memory is built with the usage of integrated circuits. They are actually used in system that have space constrains, therefore they are ideal for Laptops and small footprint PCs; networking hardware like routers and high end office printers.

So if you are trying to install SODIMM memory into your laptop computer you can be assured of the fact that this kind of thing can be effectively handled by you at ease. Having done the up gradation of RAM into your system would ensure that you have a PC that is at best of it performance capacity, and would also enable you to multi task in many ways. Just by increasing the RAM in your system would ensure that you are able to best utilize your time as you would not have to wait endlessly for an application to open and this could be done very easily if you have enhanced RAM on your system.

However in spite of all the benefits that are prevalent for the computer users with the increased RAM, there are still people that simply shy away from doing the upgrade in their systems. The reasons that can be attribute to its is the fact that they are not fully knowledgeable about the process of doing the same, or they have warranty issues, or the fear that opening up the system can lead to potential harm in the system, or may be just a feeling that PC is safe as long as it is left untouched. However, these are all myths or fears that should be relegated aside to ensure that you are able to put RAM into your system that would allow you to put your system into effective usage.

The initial step in doing the RAM upgrade is to know the kind of RAM that your system has. This can be found from motherboard of your system, and the amount of RAM that is required depends on the utility that you put your system into. In case you just need to increase RAM to facilitate net surfing or other basic utilities then probably you do not need very high capacity RAM, however in case you use your laptop for doing high end animation and other multimedia activities you need at least 4GB RAM. Therefore based on the kind of motherboard support you can invest in DDR3 4GB RAM, or DDR2 4GB RAM. However it has to be borne in mind that you cannot have endless amount of RAM with the hope that it would drastically improve the capacity of RAM.
The effect of increased RAM can go only as far as the system can handle the RAM, In case maximum capacity of RAM that your system can handle is 2GB and you gave installed 4GB in it, hoping to outperform, then that is not going to happen as 2GB of memory would lie wasted. Another consideration is the memory of the video or graphic card in your PC.

The graphic card is capable of giving more depth and sharpness to images in PC. A faster and a powerful graphics memory would ensure that the performance is increased commendably. Once you are clear about your memory requirements, next step is to invest in reliable manufacturers for RAM, as they would deal with good quality RAM that would be able to give you adequate quantity of RAM as has been mentioned, and this would also ensure that no harm is done to your system too well.

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SODIMM RAM Memory Modules Manufacturer

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This article was published on 2010/10/18