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While purchasing RAM for your computer, the things that trigger or lead to purchase of RAM for your system is the kind of mother board that you have and secondly by the kind of usage that you are putting your computer into, Talking about the former case, all the motherboards are not compatible with all kinds of RAMS that are available, therefore you have to check the specifications of your computer with the manufacturers to see what works best for your computer and therefore the purchase can be made in accordance. However in order to ensure that you get the best out of RAM that you have purchased there are few tips that you should adhere to:

Knowing RAM: RAM stands for Random access memory that is essential for system to speed up the operations in PC. However this memory is transient or volatile in nature, which implies that once the system is switched off everything stored in this memory, would be gone. However once the system is turned on and reboots then the operating system gets loaded moderately into RAM, as it is easier to access than the optical or magnetic drives where the software is stored. When the system shuts down all the programmes terminate the operations in PC.

Kind of RAM: There are many kinds of RAM that are available like DDR2, and DDR3. While talking of DDR3 RAM we know that it runs at a faster rate than DDR2 RAM. The best guide to buying of RAM is that it has to be compatible to the motherboards of your PC. Therefore talking about DDR2 RAM 1GB memory implies that your motherboard accepts DDR2 RAM that has the capacity of 1GB storage space. However if your motherboard shows that it has compatibility with DDR3 RAM then it should be purchased in accordance to that requirement. If however the compatibility option with your PC is not considered and you purchase RAM that runs faster than your system can allow; then it would only default to the lower speed that your system can take in. Therefore in order to avoid this kind of wasteful expenditure it is advisable to buy RAM according to your requirements of your System.

RAM requirements: RAM requirement are directly proportionate to the amount of usage that you have with your system and the kind of utility that you put your system into use. In case you indulge in modern games, and are into processing digital images or are always multitasking on your system, then it is always recommended that you get 4GB or more RAM into your system.

Single or Double RAM: It is always better to invest in pairs of RAM. In case you want 4GB installed in your system, it is essential to buy 2GB each slot, as that runs faster than single module. However; in case there is no provision for double RAM then you can run single RAM too.

Quality of RAM: It is always better to beware of spurious RAM manufacturers and invest in quality RAM purchases. A reliable company can always ensure that you get reliability and durability with your RAM purchase and you can also be assured that you would get the amount of RAM that has been mentioned on it and also that it would run to the aforementioned capacity
Taking care of all these things while purchasing RAM can assure that you get the best possible RAM for your computer which would also be able to enhance the capacity of the system, so that it runs effectively and efficiently.

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RAM Memory Buying Guide

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This article was published on 2010/10/16