Bollywoods Ram Questions Lord Ram!

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Even if a pin drops in Bollywood, the news spreads like wild fire. And when someone as controversial as Ram Gopal Varma makes a statement on his social networking site available for public display then it is bound to make headlines. On the day of Ram Navami, the filmmaker angered many of his followers by candidly questioning Lord Rams deeds. According to him, the Lord did nothing but just fought a personal war with Raavan, to free his wife Seeta. And such remarks were not appreciated by many who believed that Varma knows how to gain limelight by cheap publicity stunts. With Box Office duds like Rann, Agyat, Phoonk and many more, Ram Gopal Varma has made Bollywood followers wonder if he has lost it completely. He seems to have completely forgotten the basics of filmmaking.

People have reacted very strongly to his statements. A person said, I suggest Mr.Varma to read Ramayana wrote by Valmiki and other translations. There is no Hinduism without Ramayana. Rama is an incarnation of Dharma. How the human relations are to be performed is rightly depicted in Ramayana. While another person said, Ram Gopal has lost it.....! Sorry! He never had it! But then what can one expect from a nation that has proved itself to be pseudo-secular. Everything that you speak against Sanatan (Hinduism) will get you noticed, and so every tom, dick and harry has taken to earning cheap publicity. After all, Ram Gopal too has given nothing but super flops in the last few years, so to remain in the news he will stoop to doing anything! Forgive the poor man......God has forsaken him long back, so he has to resort to such tactics! It's a question of his survival after all!.

The filmmaker has marvelled at slinging mud at others and making tacky statements to grab ears. The very fact that he has no more blockbusters to his credit post Company and Sarkar Raj, Varma is certainly making all possible attempts to draw attention of people. RGV recently produced multilingual film Rakhtacharita with Vivek Oberoi and Ajit playing lead roles. But the films proved to be Box Office disasters. However, a filmmaker like him, who has made films on hard hitting social and political issues scandalised many by making comments on Lord Ram. Ironically, her shares his name with the Almighty himself! And as they say any publicity is good publicity, Varma is certainly making headlines. But by doing so is certainly losing out on many of his followers.

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Bollywoods Ram Questions Lord Ram!

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This article was published on 2011/04/18
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